Things to Talk About with a Brochure Printing Service

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Things to Talk About with a Brochure Printing Service

A lot of companies providing brochure printing services remark about how a lot of their customers make some of the simplest mistakes. These mistakes are not only simple, but they are also very costly for the customer and the printing service. When using the services of a printer, its best to arm oneself with the right kind of knowledge as to avoid certain mistakes.

Avoiding mistakes is as simple as knowing about them, and not doing them. Avoiding mistakes goes a long way in getting the job done faster without any extra costs. Here are a few guidelines that can help anyone avoid some of the most common mistakes that printing services complain about.

Mistake #1: Not knowing the size

Easily one of the most common mistakes, not knowing the size of a brochure can lead to a lot of problems. The most dangerous problem comes from designing a layout that doesn’t properly fit the brochure. A layout that doesn’t fit in the brochure means that it has to be adjusted. The layout has to either be shrunk or enlarged in order to fit the brochure’s size properly.

The problem with changing the size of an entire layout is that it can lead to warping. Warping is an effect that can result in blurred out pictures, washed out colors, pixilation, and so on. A lot of companies offering brochure printing services know that the quality of the prints is crucial. To ensure the best prints possible, it’s imperative to make a layout that properly fits the size of the brochure.

Mistake #2: Not giving enough time

This is another common mistake that most printing customers tend to make. Most people think that time can be bought. They go in a printing shop ask something to be done on time and pay extra for the trouble. Most people don’t realize that rushing a job often means trading speed for accuracy. There’s a very good reason why printing takes time, it’s to get things right.

Rushing a printing job also makes it more difficult to keep track of misprints. No large order of brochures ever runs smoothly. Quality control is very important in printing, which is why it’s best to avoid rushing a printer.

Give the printing service enough time to get the job done the right way. There’s no point in paying extra to rush things when the result is a mistake that needs to be redone anyway. Remember, haste makes waste.

Mistake #3: Forgetting about print bleeds

One of the most annoying problems in printing is the small white borders at the edge of a print. These small white borders are a result of minor printing mistakes or paper movement while printing. Print bleed is a measure used to prevent these white borders from appearing on some of the prints. Basically, print bleed is when a design layout is enlarged by a tiny margin. This tiny margin is meant to compensate for the possible errors that might occur during printing. Feel free to ask about it, as every professional brochure printing services provider knows what print bleeding is all about..