Price of color copies

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Color Copies vs Color Copies Deals

Price of color copies  


The price of color copies is generally more because the ink cartridges used are not just one color, they are many colors. This means that if even one color runs out, the whole cartridge must go. This is not good for those who print a lot at home as it means they will be buying a fair amount of expensive color cartridges. This is especially awful news for offices and schools who need cheap color copies. The cartridges for large copiers and printers are astronomical. Ink-jet cartridges are divided into 4 colors, magenta, cyan (blue) yellow and red. Each of these cartridges must be replaced if you want to print in color.

 When you are looking at the price of color copies you should think about where you can order your printing job. The only way to get cheap color copies is to go to a print shop or an office supply store. They will not be as cheap as black and white copies, but they will only be marginally more expensive instead of the outrageous price difference between a black and white ink cartridge and a color ink cartridge at the store. The best thing to do is to send you color documents to be copied to the print store or office supply store. Many places have a program where you can send a digital document to them and have them make digital copies for you by the time you arrive at the store. This is especially convenient if you need color copies and are also on a tight schedule. However, this is only good if you have digital copies.

The price of color copies in offices is so expensive that many offices do not even let employees make color copies. The same goes for schools, another place that make a lot of copies. The way around this, of course, is to make the copies in black and white instead. This can be done with digital copies simply by choosing grayscale as the printing option. If you are making a paper copy, lay the paper on the glass or feed the paper through the feeder and choose black and white instead of color. Save the color for when it is really needed.

When you are preparing your printing job and deciding the price of color copies you will need to think about the cost of color ink versus black cartridges. If, for example, the color blue goes out, the whole color cartridge must be replaced with some printers. With black ink, ink levels are only determined by the amount of black ink in the cartridge. This is why black ink really seems to be the way to go as far as copies go. The only few times where you would really need cheap color copies would be for an advertisement that must stand out, letterhead, and business cards. Other than those instances, black and white is usually a better option to go with. You should really only use color when there is no other option.
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