Important Points to Remember in Brochure Printing

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Power words can help brochure printing efforts pay off. However, to maximize their effects, here are some basic guidelines regarding their use: 1. Incorporate niche-specific power words in your brochure. What is your target market? What words or phrases are sure to catch their attention? For general sales purposes, the counsels of old still function well, provided that they are not overworked: “buy one take one”, “discounted price”, “promo”, “50% off”, etc. Other power words need a little more research into reader psychology.
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Colors are everything Brochures. How can you get someone’s attention from afar? Before curious passers-by notice what is inside the brochure, they will notice what is outside the brochure first, so make sure that the color scheme that you use for your brochure-making efforts can catch others’ attention easily. Determining the right colors to use is partly a matter of contrasting outside the brochure (if you are going to place the brochures somewhere, a dark background merits light-colored brochures; a light background merits dark-colored brochures), partly a matter of contrasting within the brochure.
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