EDDM Printing

EDDM Printing

Why Use EDDM Printing

Most big businesses spend tons of money just to promote their products and services which will help them rake in more money. That is fine if your company happens to be on Fortune’s list of top businesses in the world. For small-time entrepreneurs, there are other ways to promote your business without spending too much on those big budgeted TV commercials and print ads. You can also do away with low budget infomercials with so-called actors that are screaming for makeovers and acting classes. One brilliant way to promote your venture without the unnecessary brouhaha is through EDDM printing. This stands for Every Door Direct Mail printing. But why exactly, should you use this new program?

Greater Coverage

As the name implies, the EDDM Printing Service sends out direct mail to every door in a certain geographic area. With this program every household will get a chance to know your company and its products and services. Also, having your contact numbers on flyers, booklets or other promotional paraphernalia on hand will make your customers’ lives a little easier and at the same time get you some new clients. For example, you own a plumbing business and one of your mail’s recipients happen to have a problem with their pipes. Having read your flyer, that person will have instant recall and most likely will look you up for your services. In any case, the direct mail from EDDM worked for both parties.

Promotes Better Relationship with Existing Clients

This is also a great way not only to promote your business but to also keep in contact with your present costumers and build a stronger business relationship. With the EDDM prints, you keep your loyal customers updated regarding events like sales, new product launchings and other promotional gimmicks. Keeping in touch with your consumers will give them a slight feel of importance which bodes well for you.

Let’s You Be More Creative

EDDM gives you the chance to design your own mail. This is especially beneficial if you happen to have a business related to arts and crafts or anything that requires a little creativity and imagination. Remember, what you send out to your prospective clients not only tells something your business but also about you. A little personality goes a long way. For those who weren’t around when the universe decided to give out talent and creativity, you can ask help from an artistic friend or hire a professional design team. Make sure to add or at least suggest some ideas of your own to make it a bit more personal.

EDDM is Cheaper

If by chance you are already employing direct mail as a way of promoting your company, you might want to try this new program by the United States Postal Service or USPS. The EDDM is one way for you to keep people aware of your business while still saving some money. This is because the USPS EDDM Printing Service is relatively cheaper than other mailing programs already in use. At a low price of 14.5 cents per mail, you indeed save more.

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