Every Door Direct Mailing for small businesses

Posted on: September 25, 2012, by :

EDDM Printing

Joining the Every Door Direct Mailing program is free, but the service of the post office for the delivery of your promotional material to desired mailing routes will cost you 14.2 cents per mail piece. According to the EDDM rules, there can be minimum 200 mail pieces delivered per day, and a maximum of 5000 mail pieces per day. For the 200 mail pieces the USPS service will cost you around $20, for 1000 mail pieces it will be $142, and for 5000 mail pieces around $710. On the web site of USPS you will be able to find more detailed step-by-step instructions on starting a marketing campaign. The EDDM program is very easy to use and understand and even if you are a novice professional you will manage to use this program properly..