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Affordable color copies

Finding cheap color copies is a very important thing for any business or individual that is in a need of copies. There are two types of copies for your business or personal use – color copies and black and white copies. Not so long time ago color copies have been quite unaffordable to most of the people, and this is why they were avoided for a lot of time. Today, you can get cheap color copies at almost any corner.

Most of the online print companies offer prints for very affordable prices. For example, you can have your copies done for as few as 5 cents per page. Isn’t that just affordable? This is usually a standard price when ordering bulk copies. However, if you need them with a rush, you can pay a bit of extra and have them done within a day, or even on the same day.

Color Copies
Color Copies

You can make your copies yourself on a home printer, but this is profitable only when you are in a need of a couple of copies. When in a need of bulk work, you should rather turn to online and local print companies. As technologies improved today’s color copies printer on color printers can look the same way as if printed on professional printers. In case that you have at home a good printer, then there is no doubt that you can have excellent color copies within no time. From the other side, you should make sure to invest into a good quality printer if you are looking to buy one.

With a good printer at your home, you can print anything you need starting from brochures, flyers, birthday invitations, etc. Investing into a good quality printer will definitely be a good investment as you will be able to make cheap copies in a very short time frame. But don’t forget to make some calculations to make sure that your color copies won’t turn out to be too expensive in the end. How to calculate the cost of homemade color copies is very easy – you need to take into consideration the price of the paper, of the ink and of the printer.

An average price of print paper is around $10 per pack. Here we can come to a conclusion that one paper will cost you around 2 cents or less, depending on the size of the pack that you bought.

One more thing that should be taken into consideration is the price of the toner. This is the biggest expense that you will probably have if we don’t count the price of the printer. However, thanks to modern technologies, cartridges and inks today cost less and can last for a much longer time.

To sum it up, factors that will determine the overall price of homemade cheap color copies is the printer that you have, the ink, the size of the cartridge/toner, and the type of paper.

At local printers, you will have to pay around 50 cents per color copy therefore cheap copies can indeed be made on home printers. Even if the final price turns out to be the same as at some local print store, this is still a time saver.

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