How Did Brochure Printing Started? Its History and Development over the Years

Posted on: September 1, 2012, by :

There are tons of brochures that promote various products and services nowadays. Almost everything can be advertised in these brochures, since this is now the cheapest way to promote a business. But did you know that long ago, brochure printing was quite expensive that even huge companies cannot afford to pay for them? Compared to the modes of advertising today, technology has really taken us to a higher level. Let’s find out how brochure printing has evolved in years.

Brochure printing in 1800’s

Brochure printing history dates back in the 15th century, when printing was just invented. People did not carved on stones to promote something before, since they usually trade and show the product itself to their customers. But in 1800’s, it was considered as one of the best ways to promote something although it was still not as affordable as it is today. Only few industries are able to use brochures, and it was not even colored.

Brochure printing in 19th and 20th century

Brochure printing history is starting to develop in these years, as printing became widespread. More books like the Bible and several textbooks were printed. However, printing was still available only in black ink. It was still expensive, but more people are starting to adapt it in their businesses. The 20th century is the marking of the start of business advertisement using print materials, and one of it is brochure printing. It became a typical strategy to most business men.

Brochure printing in 1950’s and 1960’s

This is a remarkable period in brochure printing history, as colored ink became available. Because of this, brochure printing industry became more popular. There was a sudden change in the price of printing, thus making it more affordable even for ordinary people. Brochures and pamphlets became very popular means of advertising products and services too. Though colored brochures were quite expensive that time, it was loved by lots of entrepreneurs because of its ability to attract more customers. It caused an increase of sales of most companies, which gave birth to more print advertising ideas.

Brochure printing in 1980’s and 1990’s

Brochure printing took another milestone as it is about to enter 1990’s. This is due to the invention of personal computers along with various software that improves the image and graphics of brochures. Some of the graphic software that we use today like Adobe, PageMaker, and Quark Express are very useful in creating better brochure templates.

Soon, technology really did a good job of improving the current methods of printing. More software was developed; computers become more updated with the trends. This resulted to quality prints and brochures that people use nowadays. Even with the tight competition with online advertising, many people still use brochures to promote goods as its effectiveness is proven with many years of experience. Nobody knows until when will brochures be available, but one thing is for sure – so long as there are creative people who continuously improve technology and print media, there is no way that brochures will become obsolete..